Taco Hell

Posted: June 7, 2011 in food, gringolandia, humor, mi gringa

The other day we grocery shopping too late in the evening and I didn’t want to wait for my wife, Tracy, to cook dinner so I suggested we stop and buy something to take home.

Somehow we ended up at a Taco Bell, (or “Taco hell” as Tracy calls it), even though we haven’t eaten there for years – and with good reason – we don’t really like the food.

I pulled up to the drive-thru and, what sounded like a teenage boy, asked to take my order. I gave my order but he asked me to repeat it twice. It became apparent that he couldn’t understand my accent. Suddenly a female voice came over the speaker and asked for my order. I repeated it, and this woman seemed to understand my accent better so I was able to pull up to the window.

My wife and oldest son had been giggling almost the whole time while I tried to order, and I got kind of irritated.

“Don’t laugh at me, please,” I said, while waiting for them to hand the food to us.
“But why did you say ‘Nachos Bell Grande’ like a white person?” she asked, laughing even harder.

I didn’t realize I had, but I guess I did so the Taco Bell employees would understand me.

“I don’t like when you laugh at me,” I said, trying not to lose my temper after I paid and we were on our way home.

“I’m not laughing at you,” she said, “Don’t you realize how funny this is? You’re a native Spanish speaker from Latin America ordering fake Latin American food from gringos, and you had to mispronounce Spanish so they would understand you!”

I still don’t really understand why it was so funny. Maybe it’s American humor? … And I got sick from the Chicken Baja Gorditas. At least now I remember why I don’t like Taco Bell.

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  1. claudiadelcid says:

    No es broma que es Taco Hell!!! Yo, cada vez que comía terminaba enferma del estómago. Y supiste la demanda que les metieron por False Advertising? Disque usaban 100% carne y NADA que ver! Mejor dile a tu esposita linda que te los prepare ella! Más ricos y no te enferman!
    En cuanto a que no te entendieron, don’t worry. A mi me pasa a cada rato pero me vale!

  2. heather solano says:

    come on! The irony of it all is pretty hilarious! Jajaja

  3. Victory says:

    Oh no, that IS funny! I think it wasn’t so much you that they were laughing at. It was, as Heather said, the irony of the situation that made it so funny! :) Great post!

  4. humincat says:

    Hugo (mi esposo) se encanta a ordenar la comida como un gringo (pero pior) “one talk-o, one burr-E-toe with extra gwoc-a-MOL-ee, and one qwes-a-dill-a.” Sooo embarrassing, but they never notice, which is even funnier. At least he is ordering, usually he has me yell over him, out his window, or if we are at sitdown place, he just sits and makes me stand in line. I guess I’m the official order-er, lol.

  5. […] How many more advantages our kids have compared to what Carlos came from – and yet there he is, with a backpack full of books at 33 years old and still speaking English with an accent so thick I sometimes have to help him out at drive thru windows. […]

  6. Susan says:

    THis is SO funny!!!! You and your wife are great writers. My husband can’t order through the speaker either…I always have to lean across the car and yell out the window for him.

  7. […] “Your accent is perfect,” he amended, and I noted his accent in English, the one I love so much, the one he makes no attempt to refine but which causes misunderstandings for him at fast food drive-thrus. […]

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