Photos From My Phone

Posted: May 24, 2011 in gringolandia, humor, mi gringa, mi madre, photography, shopping

I decided to participate in a meme where you post your cell phone photos on Tuesdays because it will be an easy way to practice taking pictures and sharing them. Here we go.

We went walking this weekend on this old railroad bridge over the Potomac River.

Of course we had to do our weekly shopping. We shop at Wally World because as Tracy says, “We’re poor.” Here are some nice patriotic shirts.


Like me, they were made in El Salvador.

We also stopped at a car dealership because a car caught my eye driving by.

While Tracy was off looking at a Camaro, I was looking at this one. My mother peeked in the window of the car and complained that it only seats two.

  1. […] Speaking of RPM Miami – Carlos pulled into a car dealership to look at a car, (even though we can’t afford one right now.) … I usually don’t get excited about cars but this one caught my eye. Lo quiero! … I can imagine myself driving this green Camaro in carreras like on the show. Jijiji… And if you want to see how vastly different Carlos and I are, go check out the car he wanted. […]

  2. humincat says:

    Mi jefe tiene uno de estos carros. Se compro despues de su viaje a Europia(asi dice?) porque, supuestamente, es el carro que todos usan ayi. Si se gusta, y si esta muy amplia adentro, (no se siente chico cuando)pero para mi, no conviene si no hay campo por mis hijas. Dice que es perfecto por su hija de 16 anos, porque no aye un “backseat” ;)

  3. Sue Valencia says:

    Great hobby for you Carlos! Que buena idea! Puedes explorar tu lado creativo muy bien! Además… tienes buen ojo. :)

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