Not Macho All The Time

Posted: May 22, 2011 in food, mi gringa, mi madre, personal, trying new things

I will always love El Salvador, but the longer I live here in the United States, the more I realize that some of the cultural beliefs I was raised with limit me.

Today my wife offered to teach me how to make tostones. Since I’m trying to be more open-minded about trying new things, I tied on an apron. While we were cooking, my mother came home from a friend’s birthday party. As usual she forgot her key and started ringing the door bell like crazy. I came to the door and opened it. My mother, seeing me in an apron, immediately started making fun of me.

“Qué linda, Doña Carla,” she said, smirking. My wife, Tracy told her that some of the best chefs in the world are men. My mother waved her hand in the air and didn’t say anything more but I knew she didn’t like seeing me in the kitchen.

I will probably always have a more traditional view of male/female gender roles due to how I was raised, but I had a good time cooking with my wife. We worked together to create a meal. We danced to salsa while the smell of tostones filled the house. These are the kind of memories I will remember until the end of my life.

Tostones con mojo

(The recipe: Tostones / Mojo )
(Images – Thanks to my wife.)

  1. humincat says:

    Maybe, by observing the changes in your attitude, your mom may eventually have her mind opened to some new possibilities. Or maybe not. But either way, you are living YOUR life, just as she lived the way she felt was best. I believe we only get one chance at this life, so let’s do with it what we can.

  2. Victory says:

    Hi Carlos, I am a big fan of tu esposa’s blog. I am also a gringa who has many similar experiences as Tracy as I have shared the last 4 years of my life with a man who immigrated from Colombia. Also my father was in the military and often brought back stories and mementos from many Central and South American countries. I just want to congratulate and encourage you in your new blog. I love it so far! I admire anyone who is willing to defy conventions and open their mind to new cultures and experiences. Keep up the great work!

  3. Victory says:

    By the way, those tostones look delicious! I’m going to check out the recipe. They aren’t usually my favorite food, but those look good. When I do eat them, it’s usually with a squeeze of lime and a spinkle of salt!

    • Carlos says:

      Tostones are good with just salt, but the mojo is very,very good. We had it for the first time in Miami and needed to figure out how to make it!

  4. Latinaboop says:

    Hola Paisano! :) Me fascina el blog de tu Esposa y el tuyo se me hizo interesante lo tendre que compartir con mi esposo. Bueno me alegra que trates cosas nuevos dile a tu mami que existen chefs guanacos tambien (mi Tio es uno)Se miran deliciosos los tostones.

  5. […] Christmas Day. Tonight (Noche Buena), we’re going to have tamales, Mexican queso fundido, and Cuban tostones with mojo. (Not a traditional Salvadoran spread, but somehow, those are the diverse recipes I ended up […]

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