Don’t Take The Shortcut

Posted: May 18, 2011 in gringolandia, humor, memories, personal, work

My first taste of American food once arriving in the United States was a Big Mac. My first job in the United States was at the maker of Big Macs – McDonald’s.

Working at McDonald’s was pretty much as I expected. Every day I walked several miles to work. After my shift, I then walked those same miles back to my brother’s apartment.

One day was more memorable than the others. I had only worked there for a week and grew tiresome of the long walk. I decided to take a shortcut. I could see the McDonald’s from across a large field, which I usually walked around. Today, I decided to walk through it and that was a huge mistake.

Halfway through I came to a wide marshy area. I couldn’t turn back or I’d be late for work. I had to go through it and so I did. My shoes and the lower half of my pants quickly became covered in thick mud. When I arrived at work I was at a loss about what to do. I was a complete mess.

One of my co-workers, a friendly Indian guy, brought me in the bathroom and told me to wait there. He left and then returned a minute later with fresh rags and he helped me to clean the mud off my pants and shoes.

Working in wet pants was embarrassing and uncomfortable but I didn’t have a choice.

I never took the shortcut again.

Image source: petrolep

  1. humincat says:

    Eww! But how nice of him to help you out. Did he speak Spanish? Or did you already speak English? But good lesson anyway. I wonder if anyone saw you and thought, I’m gonna try that next time! :)

    • Carlos says:

      I only spoke a few words of English but I could understand a little more than I could talk. The Indian guy didn’t speak Spanish.

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