Jardín Infantil

Posted: May 10, 2011 in childhood, El Salvador, memories

I don’t really have that many happy memories from my childhood, but there is one I remember that makes me smile.

When I was about four or five years old, my older sister took me to the Jardín Infantil show to perform. Standing on stage and seeing all the people in the audience made me nervous. My hands started to sweat but when the music began to play, (Subete a mi moto by Menudo) – I just looked into the crowd for my sister’s face. She did all the dance moves and I just followed her lead.

I wish I had the video, but at least I have the memory.

  1. humincat says:

    How cute! Did you have many sisters and brothers growing up?

    • Carlos says:

      I have one sister and one brother. Both my sister and brother are much older than me, so when they moved out, it felt like being an only child.

  2. bebé says:

    Jardín infantil estaba muy bien, de hecho alguna vez se lo he puesto a mi bebé. También creo que hoy en día los recién nacidos reaccionan antes con otras series antes que con jardín infantil, pero vaya infancia más bonita que tuvimos.

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