Photos From Miami

Posted: May 3, 2011 in photography, travel

These are the photos I took in Miami. It was my first time there. I took a bike to South Beach from Miami Beach and took the photos with my cell phone camera. I don’t have a real camera yet and never took photography classes but I think this might be a good hobby for me.

Which photo do you like best? How do you think I could improve?

(The ride home.)

  1. ktns311 says:

    I love the palm tree picture. The shadow of the palm tree is very cool. I would say take a walk alone every now and then and just stop and take pictures of anything you come across that interest you. Keep it up!

  2. Jamie says:

    The palm tree picture is the coolest! I always love pictures with interesting shadows. It sounds like a fun new hobby.

  3. humincat says:

    I’m not a professional, so my advice is no good, but I will tell you that I loved the plane picture of the clouds. It reminds me of my mother, she always takes a picture of the clouds wherever she goes. Also, the picture with the people in it, because I like looking at people, I think they make pictures more interesting. Like, was the guy standing against the fence fishing? Was he already there or was he with the ladies that he is looking at? And the shadow of the fence is cool too. Thanks for sharing, Miami looks beautiful!

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