Why I’m Blogging

Posted: May 2, 2011 in El Salvador, personal, travel

Recently on a trip to Miami with my wife, I realized that I’m not reaching my full potential. My wife had been invited to Miami on business and I had only tagged along. While I’m proud of and happy for everything she is achieving, I couldn’t help but feel that in comparison, I’m going no where.

My wife encouraged me to start trying new things to see what happens. A few of the things I’m trying are:

• Blogging
• Social Media
• Practicing my English, (my wife is helping me compose this because my English reading and writing still aren’t great.)
• Photography
• Lifting weights

Since coming to the United States from El Salvador 15 years ago, I met and married a gringa, had two kids and have done a good job of taking care of them. At the same time, I haven’t done a great job of taking care of myself. I don’t regret the sacrifices I’ve made, but I’m ready to grow as an individual. Sometimes the “No soy de aquí, ni soy de allá” – (I’m not from here, neither from there), feeling which is common in immigrants is difficult for me to deal with – but I’m tired of using that as an excuse to not explore the possibilities that are out there.

So thanks for checking out my blog… Let’s see what happens.

  1. ktns311 says:

    I don’t know that I have ever told you, but please know I am very proud of you and the man you have become over the years. And just the realizations that there are areas you want to grow in and things yet to experience and learn is an accomplishment itself. My prayers are with you as you continue your journey of growth and discovery!

  2. Sue Ennis says:

    As suegra, I may be the most critical person there is, but I think you have done a fine job and I love that you continue to grow as a husband and father.

  3. Claudia says:

    Carlos: qué bueno que decides embarcar una nueva aventura. Y lo mejor de todo es que dicha aventura la compartirás de la mano con tu esposa… una “maestra” en esto de los blogs y social media!
    Buena Suerte
    BTW– muy bonitas las fotos. Es lindo Miami no?

    • Carlos says:

      Gracias por tu comentario. Espero aprender muy pronto en esto de los blogs. Miami es muy lindo si pudiera me muevo para alla ese calorcito muy sabroso me recuerda a El Salvador.

  4. Welcome to the world of blogging Carlos! We adore tu esposa and I can’t wait to learn more and join you on this journey! Now if only I could get my husband to blog… ;) oh! Btw, let me be the first to say that {ahem} guest posts are welcome. Always happy to have a male point of view. Bienvenido!

    • Carlos says:

      jajaja… Thank you for the welcome and invitation. Maybe a guest post in the future. I’m still working on my English. Tell your husband I said blogging is not so bad ;)

  5. Manny Ruiz says:

    Welcome to blogging Carlos. Frankly we need more Latino men in general to be doing this. I don’t know your wife very well personally but I know she’s a great person, especially to be encouraging you this way. Keep at it and if there’s anything I can do to help encourage you, a la orden estamos!

  6. Te felicito, Carlos!
    Whatever the outcome of this great idea of a blog, the important thing is that you´re taking the leap into new territory.
    I always think men have it tough (although women complain much more!) because there are so many role-model responsibilities that lay on your shoulders. Especially if you feel limited in any way to explore your wants.
    Allow yourself to explore without questioning. I doubt Tracy ever thought her blog would lead her to the opportunities she´s getting now and are yet to come. I know I never dreamed of all that is happening to us.
    Soy tu fan hermano guanaco! :)

    • Carlos says:

      Ana, gracias por tu comentario y por simpatisarte. I do have a lot of responsibilities on my shoulders and very little free time but hopefully this experience will be worth it. I already feel I’m learning so, so far, so good. Muchas gracias hermanita guanaca :)

  7. Amanda says:

    Wow! Que sorpresa de tu blog! I’m pleasantly surprised to see this new adventure beginning. I wish you only the best on this journey :)

  8. Patty says:

    What a fantastic first post! Glad that you are exploring new possibilities and new adventure. Best of luck to you.

  9. Carlos,
    Leo el blog de su esposa y estoy entusiasmado a leer su blog, también. ¡Bienvenidos a la blogósfera!
    For the English-speakers:

    I read your wife’s blog and am excited to read your blog, too. Welcome to the blogosphere!

  10. Tara says:

    I was so happy to read on Latina-ish’s blog that you are blogging as well. It will be interesting to read them both at the same time. I applaud you for trying something new!

  11. humincat says:

    Woohoo! Hola Carlos! Soy una amiga de tu esposa y vivo en California con mis dos hijas (maybe your future daughter-in-laws?) Ha ha ha! y con mi esposo Hugo. El es de Mexico y yo soy de los Estados Unidos, como Tracy. Tu esposo fue la primer mujer que conoci que se encanto la vida de los Latinos yqual (or mas, lol) que yo. Se habla espanol, se encanta la comida, y quiere su familia como nadien mas. Estoy muy feliz a conocerte aqui con el blog y espero que un dia usted y su familia vienen a visitarnos en California. (Mindy) :)

    • Carlos says:

      Gracias por tu comentario. Yo se que conoces a mi esposa por muchos años y me da mucho gusto de conocerte también. Gracias por la invitacion a California…igualmente ustedes están bienvenidos a nuestra casa. Saludos a tu esposo Hugo y a mis futuras nueras ;)

  12. Dariela says:

    Hola Carlos, what a great way to start trying new things! Just the fact that you really started and are doing it is so great. You are already showing such a great attitude for yourself!
    Tracy is a great amiga. Nice to meet you though your own blog now!

    • Carlos says:

      Hola, Dariela. Thanks for your nice comment. Tracy has mentioned you. (Tu fuiste la hermana secreta de ella en Navidad, verdad?) … Nice to meet you and I look forward to talking more.

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